Did you find me here at Saffron Girl because you wanted to find out more about the world’s most expensive spice? Maybe you’re even thinking of producing some of it for your own use?

Well, you came to the right place! My backyard saffron operation might be small, but it’s mighty!

All roads to a fascinating interest in growing saffron start in the same place.

  • Buy some crocus sativus corms--the only crocus that produces saffron.

  • Decide whether you’ll grow in pots, raised beds or your land.

  • Plant your corms pointy side up, as soon as you get them. They don’t keep well over months.

  • Read about their needs. I encourage you to do a lot of that sort of reading, and you’ll find several, helpful article links on this site, with more to come!

At this time of year, we’re gearing up for saffron corm sales. You might think of them as bulbs, and that’s okay. Lots of folks do. More about the differences in articles to follow. For now, just enjoy getting slowly used to the idea that you too can produce this exotic, mysterious spice referred to all over the world as Red Gold.

Want to learn more? Click here for a taste!

You'll even find info on how to start your own saffron farm, whether you begin with just one pot, or one giant piece of land!

2022 Saffron Packages

Corms, for home grown gift pots…

10 x 7-8 cms

$6.00 CAD per pack

5 x 9x10 cms

$4.00 CAD per pack

0.5 grams saffron threads = $30 CAD

1.0 grams saffron threads =$60 CAD

Note: They must be planted right away bwhen bought. They will flower this year (2022).

To order, just email us at VickiJWarner@gmail.com. We'll get back with you quickly!

Please note: it takes about 100 flowers to yield 0.5 gms saffron threads, but a little goes a long way! There should be enough threads in 0.5 gm to make about 20 meals.